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What We Do

Courtenay Creative or CC as we call it, is actually 3 C’s in that it’s a place to Connect, Collaborate and Cultivate.

Like everything we do, we believe in supporting hands on practical learning and interaction experiences that deliver versatile and transferable skill sets and viable career pathways into industry. Starting with the Roxy5 short film competition, where we work with intermediate and high school age Rangitahi across the Wellington region to channel their creativity and expression into a 5 minute film. We go to every school and talk face to face with each student and teacher involved in the project, giving them tips and advice how to prepare, shoot and produce their films.

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“It’s a place to connect, collaborate and cultivate”

This learning pipeline then moves into tertiary and beyond, with education opportunities available at the Miramar Creative Centre, a facility that we set up with Victoria University to allow students to learn right in the heart of our thriving creative screen sector.

Supporting the content created through the Roxy5 and at Miramar Creative, is the Roxy Cinema – where we show and test this locally created screen content. The Roxy Cinema has world class picture and sound capacity, so we are able to gauge on an international level the standard of how our material looks and sounds!

Complementing our production and exhibition facilities available in Miramar, is Courtenay Creative - where we are able to offer spaces perfect for a range of activities including Workshops, Exhibitions, Live Performances, Rehearsals and Content Testing. Plus spaces are set up for creative business activities including meetings, conferences, seminars and team building sessions.

Our objective for Courtenay Creative, as with all of our projects, is to provide opportunities in the form of spaces, events, learning and networking activities that connect, show case, support and promote our next generation of creative entrepreneurs.


About us

Kristy Grant and Jamie Selkirk

Kristy Grant and Jamie Selkirk


CourtENAy Creative is an initiative of Kristy Grant, co-founder of Miramar Creative and the Roxy5 short film programme ANd Oscar winning Editor, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Weta Workshop Jamie Selkirk.

Kristy has a marketing and education background and established the Roxy5 short film programme for Wellington High Schools students with Jamie in 2014. This was the starting point in the journey to set up the Miramar Creative Centre, a one stop shop facility that has become a destination for practical creative learning and production in Wellington and now Courtenay Creative - an exhibition, rehearsal, testing and event space in the centre of Wellington city.

Jamie is an Oscar winning Editor and also Co-Founder and Owner of Weta Workshop with Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor. Jamie has been the driving force behind the building, expansion and development of screen facilities in Miramar that have housed the production of so many iconic films made in NZ.

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